Focus on Flexibility

Utilise growth and
structural change
Recognise room potential
and possibilities
Encourage individuality
and creativity

We project a change in workplace
atmosphere thanks to open room structures.

Being fit for the future means planning today for the eventualities to come. Company structures change over the years – which is natural and pertains not only to hierarchies und team constellations, but are also affected by forms of working and sizes of offices.


Myriad rooms and
flexible room concepts

The workplace of the future is not just a building complex with high-tech trimmings, it’s much more than that. It’s going to feature a combination of various modules and functional areas resulting in a living and creating environment, adding value for you and the staff.

The usual work areas will be complemented by fitness courts, leisure zones, and daily needs like a post office, a doctor’s practise, a kindergarten, and gastronomy.



Modular add-on possibilities
and hidden reserves

Working closely together with innovative architects, engineers, and many other partners from different sectors, CODIC turns your science fiction dream into reality: a building that grows organically at the same pace as your business and in the direction you want to go.

What might sound impossible is already doable, thanks to farsighted project development and the application of innovative building conceptions, which allow the installation or removal of structural elements at short notice. Our objective is to design concepts which offer the user highest levels of flexibility without compromising your individuality. You need to be able to reorganize your space at any time , without high investment costs. Heatmapping can be useful here, for localising hidden potential and using it. Just because you need to employ more staff doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rent more space!


Maximal variation
for minimal cost

The working environment of the future will feature particularly flexible room concepts, in order to do justice to all possible workplace scenarios. Open plan office space, because it encourages communication and creativity, is now a fact of life and is being used successfully by more and more companies in more and more sectors. 

Before you decide to join the crowd, however, we would recommend an individual analysis of both your work processes and your corporate culture. The results of this thorough analysis provide the basis for a plan for best occupying your space, with advantages for employers and employees. A perfect mix of open and closed access areas will let you react professionally to the daily demands of every member of staff and their workday atmosphere.