Focus on Health & Wellbeing

Added value from
after work and breaks
Reduce absenteeism
and sick notes
Increase motivation
and commitment

We focus on your staff.
You look forward to Monday.

The trend towards a sustainable usage of resources cannot be merely reduced to supplying energy and heating and choosing building materials: rather, the factors “time” and “people” must also be included. Today’s lack of specifically-trained specialists demands a rethink of traditional company structures along with the initial structuring of the Head Office itself.


Work better, relax
and enjoy the day

The provision of the services people need is essential – whether this means free WLAN in the whole building, universal charging stations on all levels or just the usual daily needs, for which your staff or guests don’t even have to leave the building. A little post office, say, or how about a nursery on the ground floor or a General Practitioner on the first floor of the company?

So dashing about in the break or time wasted in waiting rooms can be reduced to a minimum. Not just good for the nerves but frees up valuable time for proper relaxation and uncomplicated flexitime solutions. CODIC can suggest suitable concepts for your demands.


Broadening horizons
and genuine balance

Even the periods between meetings and intensive work phases requires particular attention from those designing your building. Because amid your highly-engineered working atmosphere, if someone is dying to knock off for the day, there probably is an issue with the Work-Life Balance. During the planning stage, along with you, CODIC already considers the integration of culture and leisure zones to enhance your staff’s lunch breaks and after work wind down.

Fitness centres and Virtual Reality courts are a good way for colleagues to wind down together, kitchens and galleries encourage them to share common interests, leading to a very relaxed end of the working day.


New naturalness and
real attentiveness

Work and free time, creativity und letting go, concentration and entertainment – the thing missing in this triumvirate of der Work-Life Balance is genuine relaxation. A healthy mind in a healthy body, indeed, but a colleague missing through illness negatively affects not just the person concerned, but also the company. For this reason CODIC recommends: decide on the integration of health-oriented concepts in the design of your future premises. Greenery on rooves and terraces offers the possibility of Urban Gardening, whereby your team can grow ecological herbs, fruit and vegetables. Nicely-organised snooze rooms make it possible to have a refreshing power nap, or a welcome break from the daily stress could be a massage next door, in your new physiotherapy room.