Networked and
Intelligent and
Comfortable and

We imagine smart buildings
getting smarter with each update.

The huge acceleration of digitalisation and the necessity to react to it is something not everybody is aware of yet. Let CODIC help you get up to speed. Stay ahead and use the potential offered by digitalisation to create new work and business models. Improve the internal communication among your staff so that you also increase the productivity of each and every member.


Networked and communicative

Optimising processes and improving workflows are not just matters for the in-house corporate structure – you can utilise the Word Wide Web and various modern possibilities for networking your entire staff to save time, to dismantle barriers, or simply to share knowledge. Rather than USB sticks and e-mail for moving data, cloud server solutions can be accessible in the entire building and available to established and new users alike, in coded form. In this way, an exclusive platform is designable to enhance your corporate identity.


Intelligent and adaptable

Work in a building in which your staff recognise their user access rights. Measure the traffic in the building and apply the data for analysing the most efficient way of organizing your space allocation. Generate in this way cost cutting on the basis of your specific demands and needs.


Comfortable and resource-saving

Digitalisation not only connects people, but also bundles creative power and supports you in your efforts to optimise tasks and to allocate resources. This is because people are very individual, with quite different needs at their workplace. The more precisely one can adjust these, the more one can influence the outcome.

Let your staff therefore use smart and mobile tools to adjust ventilation, heating and light, exactly as they want it now, wherever they are. Connected facility services, like digital signage systems or digital entrance controls to an intelligent underground parking system downstairs, increase security against unauthorized people as well as helping to find your way with fewer barriers.