Focus on Sustainability

Thinking and acting
Saving energy
and costs
Improving room and
workplace atmosphere

We see the future of life and
work through our green glasses.

Whoever wishes to survive for long in the marketplace cannot avoid sustainable company structures and awareness of serious cultivation of long-term strategies concerning energy, consumption, and resources. We’ll show you how to create an energy paradise for staff and guests at your headquarters, completely self-sufficient in terms of energy.


Total individualisation and
absolute independence

A sustainable company philosophy means already working against future scarcity of resources, now becoming obvious through burdensome fine dust, water scarcity, and energy bottlenecks. Sun collectors producing their own electricity and ecogas-powered systems for heating, combined with intelligently-designed ventilation systems, generating warmth and saving energy; these all can be controlled through smart in-house networks and are individually adjustable, so every user is independent. Use progress to your advantage, CODIC will do the rest.



Sustainable materials and
innovative building methods

CODIC creates, along with you, closed-circuit but very definitely open-hearted office space environments you can afford and which will remain competitive. Recent material research has found many ways of designing and constructing all levels of buildings to guarantee this sustainability and energy saving.

Reducing material to a minimum, considering long-term durability and maximal eco-friendliness, these are features of the latest cutting-edge building materials, which improve on traditional ones by having better insulating properties, by producing fewer pollutants, and by being more easily recyclable. They even have usages you haven’t even thought about yet.


Green transport and
blossoming workplaces

Some might say “back to the roots” but however you call it, the trend to intensive usage of real nature, meaning planting stuff and watering it, in and around buildings, leads to further saving of energy and a more attractive living environment and workplace. Greenery on rooves and facades isolate quite naturally and filter the air round about, giving a healthier atmosphere for your working staff. Green interior yards and urban-gardening areas present your property as more valuable, making it attractive to spend breaks there instead of in front of the computer.